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f2o Media Quotes: "Fine.Food.Fast!"

“Fresh-ually Oriented Content”
  ~The Quick And Dirty Dirty.
“Glazes of Glory: A stop there means original recipes… and spanking new notions.”
  ~Daily Candy Atlanta
“The restaurant’s concept is to provide quality gourmet American cuisine, fresh ingredients with fast service – less than ten minutes for under $10.”
  ~Hudspeth Report
“Affordable prices and quick service are increasingly important to diners, a fact that hasn’t escaped Pierre Panos. His promise is great food for less than $10 in less than 10 minutes.”
  ~H.M. Cauley, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
“The premise of Fresh To Order, cuisine for under $10 in less than 10 minutes, is an awesome one. Compared to most of the bumbling competition, f2o’s unique salads with what the company refers to as “protein additions” and their calorie-conscious and delicious ¾ plates make them clear winners.”
  ~ Knife & Fork
“We are at the top of fast-end casual. No one else is even close to what we do. We make gourmet food in under $10 in under 10 minutes…We’ve been blown away by the response – we’ve had triple the anticipated volume.”
  ~Jesse Gideon in The Sunday Paper
“…Fresh to Order is a great-looking space. The first words that come to mind when you walk through the door are ‘Los Angeles.’ It’s a glitzy semi-circular space with an open kitchen, lots of windows, warm lighting and a menu that reminds me of the early days of Wolfgang Puck Express in L.A.”
  ~Cliff Bostock, Creative Loafing
“Best New Salad Place – Fresh to Order. Tasty homemade dressings (including an almost calorie-free fresh lemon an herb), wonderfully fresh greens, distinguished toppings ranging from bourbon-grilled salmon to chilled lime shrimp, and ultra-generous portions displayed on unusual, long platters render the salad experience memorable in this well-named newcomer.”
  ~Atlanta Magazine
“Breaking the Rules: f2o is tearing down the walls between fine cuisine and frugal customers.”
  ~Allison Weiss Entrekin, Atlanta Sports & Fitness
“Gourmet salads, hot-pressed sandwiches and ‘3/4’ plates (meaning larger entrees) possess savory-smoky-sweet nuances that are chef-driven but commuter friendly.”
  ~Go, Airtran In-flight Magazine
“Owner Pierre Panos and corporate chef Jesse Gideon know what they’re doing… At f2o, or Fresh to Order, the oversized salads, hot-pressed paninis and entrée plates are all delectable.”
  ~What’s Hot? Julep/Atlanta Jewish Times
“A new franchise concept is proving that speedy service doesn’t necessarily correlate with greasy calories. Fresh to Order, or f2o for short, dishes up wholesome salads and panini sandwiches fresh and fast. No pricey check, no lengthy wait. The deal is a meal under $10 in less than 10 minutes.”
  ~Suzanne Kayes, Points North Magazine
“There is nothing not to love about a place that pledges “cuisine for under $10 in less than 10 minutes” and makes good on its promise by delivering fresh, abundant salads and perfectly proportioned entrees to your table in record time.”
  ~Christiane Lauterbach, Atlanta Magazine