Finer interior design experience at Fresh To Order

Fine: A higher level experience

We didn’t stop at the food when we set out to create a finer experience at Fresh To Order. From our finer interiors to the way we treat you, we strive to ensure that every element of Fresh To Order is focused on being finer for you, our guests, the sole reason we exist as a company. We think a “finer” experience has to speak to every touch point that our guests experience from the moment they enter our stores. After all “finer” is a lifestyle that we want you to be part of when you dine with us, we also sincerely hope that you take a little part of that with you. We want you to “eat finer. live finer.”™

Focused on You

Our staff has been selected and trained to be guest-first thinkers. They care about you and your experience with us. That means that whatever you may need, we’re here to help so you can enjoy the ambiance, your company, and, most importantly, the food.

Finer Ambiance

We’ve created a finer interior ambiance that’s approachable and chic. We wanted you to feel like you were dining in an upscale restaurant while maintaining a comfortable and semi-private atmosphere. From the interior to the exterior we have focused the design on an open air, yet quaintly private experience.