A fresher, finer food story

When Pierre Panos envisioned the Fresh To Order concept, he didn’t intend to pioneer a new style of dining that would change the industry, he simply wanted to bring a finer dining experience to the masses at fast casual price points in an elevated dining environment with flavorful, always from scratch cooking. Pierre tapped Jesse Gideon, his corporate chef from his Stoney River concept to lead the charge in creating this food-first culture that is our DNA today…… No commissary driven food here!

Our food speaks loudly enough, it’s fresh, fine, flavorful and always made from scratch. To learn a little bit more about what makes Fresh To Order a “better for you” option for your dining experience and please reach out to us with any specific questions you may have.

Food: A chef-quality experience

What makes our food finer and fresher? It starts with chef-trained cooks, higher quality produce and ingredients, and continues throughout everything we do.

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Fine: A higher-level experience

From our interior design to the way our staff treats you, the guests, we have crafted Fresh To Order to be a finer, higher-level experience. You’ll notice the difference.

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Meet Pierre Panos

A long string of accolades all culminate into one thing that matters to you: A finer dining experience. This is Pierre Panos and his story.

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