Fresh, fine food at Fresh To Order

Food: A Chef-Quality Experience

You can taste a difference in our food. It’s the one thing people talk about most frequently. Sure, it starts by selecting the right produce and ingredients, but there’s something more that makes Fresh To Order’s food finer. It’s a mix of chef-driven vision, passion for being finer, and a focus on perfection. This is the story about our finer food experience.

It Starts With A Great Team

The kitchen teams really care about the food they serve. They are passionate about preparing and serving only the freshest food available. We build their understanding of ingredients, spices, flavor-profiles, and techniques so they can maintain the quality of cuisine we expect, and you love. In our kitchens the cooks have fun and take pride in all the little details that lead to a extraordinary meal  From Julienning fresh basil to hand shucking and grilling fresh corn. You will see they truly love to cook.

Culinary Passion

It’s our belief that when people are able to work with their hands, they attain a connection with the food. It ignites a fiery passion for the food and the end result (that Fresh To Order deliciousness you love.) That’s one of the reasons why we keep our cooks hands-on during the food preparation process. Sure, we could streamline everything and supply them with pre-cut, frozen ingredients for them to assemble, but where’s the love in that?

Fresh Flavors

We were never satisfied with the run-of-the-mill offering at other restaurants. For us, it fell short of the things we loved. We think you’ll agree. So we decided that we would always create fresh flavors with unique, but approachable, ingredients that you’ll love to eat and enjoy. That continues to be our focus to this day.